Responsible Investments


We at Nanini Investment strongly believe that the social and environmental aspects of businesses eventually affect the returns and performance of a business. We believe that our investments though earning the highest returns, should comply and follow the basic ESG principles.


Nanini Investment facilitates enhanced operational processes with our investee companies. This will help in improving their efficiency, leading to improved competitiveness, increased market shares and creating a strong regional presence through exports.


We work hard towards establishing safe work environments by following all the required compliance with ESG initiatives.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is very crucial and it helps in minimizing the risk of fraud or misrepresentation. Furthermore we also ensure that the promoters’ interests are aligned with our company’s, to improve transparency of their internal practices.


A company growth is always benefited by a good percentage of employee retention and by having an enriched training budget for the employees. All this helps in development of the human capital.