Real Estate Investment


We at Nanini Investments have a dedicated professional team which will advise you in making the most profitable investment, at the best price. Our advisory will help you earn the best returns possible.

Our clients need to understand that we are not just a real estate agency, we are much more. It is easy to confuse us with realtors because we help in purchasing of real estate property However, there is a vast, and immensely important difference between Nanini Investments and the local real estate agencies.

When you are looking to invest in real estate property, you need to either deal directly with a builder company, or with a real estate sales agent. Both these cases are not advantageous for you. Neither the representatives of the builder nor the realtor you are dealing with, are professionally trained or equipped to offer you correct investment advice after making all the required analysis.

Secondly, the sales representatives of the builder and real estate agents work basically on commission. Hence their main interest and focus is on selling you as much property as you can buy. They will sell you the property at the highest price according to your budget. Higher price ensures a big amount of commission for them.

Nanini Investments is a real estate investment consultancy firm. Which means that our primary goal is to ensure that our investors make the most profitable investment at the lowest cost possible. We professionally appraise each and every property using advanced tools. Our deep knowledge and understanding of the local marketplace helps us choose the right investment option for our clients. Our analysis assists the investors in studying the real numbers, true costs, and accurate income predictions for any property they are considering to invest.