Investment in Green Buildings and Energy efficient projects


More and more investors are now realizing the impact of the social and environmental factors on the value of a real estate property. This has led to a growing interest in green building investment. Real estate investment management at Nanini Investments means investing in “green” buildings. Investing in energy efficient projects leads to earning higher risk-adjusted returns.

All around the world, real estate assets are gradually being affected by the impacts and risks of climate changes, regulatory policies and the arrival of state of the art technologies and features in the commercial building stock. The real estate investors expect high returns from their investments and they are expecting the real estate investment managers to chalk out specific ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) objectives which are measurable. They want the investment managers to workout overall strategies for preserving and enhancing risk-adjusted returns.

It is therefore our responsibility to provide our investors at Nanini Investments with a realistic and unbiased guide on how we are implementing ESG in all our real estate investments.

Green Building Standards

LEED, ENERGY STAR, BREEAM, DGNB, HQE, and ISO 14001 are the Green” building standards used across the world. All the above standards cover environmental and social topics like energy, water, and waste, sourcing of construction materials and ongoing procurement, quality of air, comfort and easy accessibility to public or other means of transportation.

Standards of Sustainability

The Standards of Sustainability adopted at Nanini Investments in collaboration with external property managers and managing agents offer the all-encompassing framework for the sustainability activities taking place at the buildings under our management. These standards contain recommendations for energy benchmarking, upgradation of the lighting facility, recycling, water conservation etc.

We believe in implementing operational standards at all our real estate projects regionally. This ensures that the best building management practices are being deployed on a regularly basis at the local market level.