Investment Approval And Due Diligience Services


Nanini Investments implements a severe and methodical investment approval process, which is supervised and directed by an Investment Advisory Committee.

In the present credit situation, we at Nanini Investments understand that timing is critical in providing effective solution to our clients. It is very important to be equipped with the current loan status and complete property information on the portfolio for credit and governing purposes. Our professional team has an established track record of working with the top financial institutions for gathering relevant surety data and setting up a process for continuous monitoring and surveillance. We very well understand that each institution is different from the other. We plan and offer our due diligence services keeping in mind your requirements and the composition of your portfolios collateral.

We help in conducting extensive background checks for loan documentation review and for creating databases of relevant loan and property information.

We understand our clients’ client’s requirements and review all the in loan documentations thoroughly, offering our team the capability to perform all-encompassing due diligence in a timely and cost efficient manner. We work hard to complete all our projects under any time constraints.

Our loan due diligence involves reviewing of all legal documents, third party reports and the present property level information. We also perform all the required financial calculations.