Financing and Refinancing of Mortgages



Most of the investors purchasing real estate use mortgage financing to pay for a major portion of the property’s entire purchase cost. Mortgage financing enables investors to gain the benefits of leveraging. Nanini investments can help you obtain the most profitable mortgage financing at the lowest possible interest rate. We have strong established relationships with a large number of key mortgage lending institutions, helping us to recognize the most favorable arrangements of financing terms for each property acquired.

We at Nanini Investments, obtain a number of mortgage quotes, allowing the investor to select an option which is most suitable to his requirements. Organizing advantageous financing terms for the investor, along with protecting the confidentiality of the investor, is our primary objective.


Number of investors own properties which are burdened with mortgages that require refinancing. Nanini Investments uses the same policy applicable for purchasing new properties, when they get into refinancing of mortgages. As an advisor for the property owner, we will represent them and negotiate with the lending institutions. We will advise the client on the best course of action for completing the refinancing process.

Nanini Investments has vast experience in handling delinquent properties which have been acquired by a client, and helping that client in restructuring the growing debt. With the growing changes in the mortgage markets, it is important to have professional advisory for managing the refinancing of mortgages.