About Us


Established in 2017, Nanini Investments is a boutique investment company based in Hong Kong. We are primarily focusing on distressed debt opportunities available across the countries of Middle East

We are specialized in supporting and bankrolling growth, cross border transactions, acquisitions and focusing on special situations opportunities across the region.

Nanini Investments has developed exclusive sourcing networks, all-encompassing organizing capabilities and is known as one of the most reliable and trusted name in the field of finance in the absence of traditional funding.

We follow a strict investment mandate, and our investment objective is to offer good long term returns to our investors on a regular basis. We invest in infrastructure and associated businesses which are likely to benefit in longer run, across the globe in various countries and projects. Our primary focus in on engineering infrastructures and communications engineering projects.

We are huge supporters of the environmentally responsible green buildings, and hence have a special interest and inclination towards Green Buildings Investments. We specialize in Real estate investments both in commercial and private sector.

Our Investment Philosophy

Nanini Investments wishes to bring in positive changes in businesses, supporting entrepreneurs and future’s leading companies in the absence of traditional finance and investment availability. With careful planning, arrangement, and constant supervision, we utilize our expertise and established networks in providing viable growth to portfolio companies.

We strongly believe that the social and environmental aspects of businesses eventually affect the returns and performance of a business. Hence we believe that our investments, although providing high returns, they should be based on environmentally sound ethics.